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40 YO Man Killed The Mother Before Raping Her Little Daughter In Brisbane

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A 12-year-girl who was in some desperate need of pampering went up to her mom, but unfortunately she saw a lifeless body with a sheet twisted around her neck.

The little girl was seeking comfort after she was raped by a 40 year-old man, Jacob Michael Smith in Brisbane. He reportedly killed the mother before targeting the child. He pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court to one count each of murder, rape, attempted rape, assault occasioning bodily harm, and two charges of stealing.

prosecutor Phil McCarthy said that the girl, her younger sister and the mother were sleeping on mattresses on the lounge room floor on the fateful day.

The girl was woken up by the man at 2:30 am and was taken to the bedroom where she was raped. He then swapped his own pants with girl’s tracksuit pants, stole the mother’s cell phone along with other items in the house.

The girl then went to her mom and found that she was no more. He said the girl later told police: ‘I tried waking her up and yelling at her but she wasn’t responding… and I woke up [my sister] and said Mummy’s dead.’

While he was on the run Smith allegedly used the mother’s phone and Facebook account to message and call friends, telling them he was ‘in trouble’.

When an ex-girlfriend picked him up from a Brisbane fast food outlet, he told her had ‘done something stupid and he’d killed someone’.

He then allegedly told her that the girl’s mother, who had attracted the ire of his current girlfriend because of her flirty manner, ‘had it coming.’

He was then arrested from a backyard of his friend’s Gold Coast home. The autopsy found Smith’s DNA under the mother’s left fingernail, along with his fingerprints on the stolen items.

Around 48 witnesses are expected to give evidence in the trial.