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Banana Facial Mask That Can Give You The Glowing Skin

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We all know that banana is a healthy fruit and is one of the best fruit that can be consumed on a regular basis as the cost of the fruit is very low, but it turns out that even the banana peel can be useful. Yes, even banana peel has some anti-aging and skin lightening properties.

Here’s what you need to prepare banana facial peel:

Ripe banana

Lemon juice




Combine gelatin in a half cup of water.

Boil the mixture until it melts in a double boiler.

Peel the skin of the fruit and cut into small pieces.

Mash well.

Then add the banana paste, honey and lemon juice to the gelatin and blend well.

Refrigerate the mixture for a minimum of 20 minutes.


Cleanse your face and pat dry.

Apply the facial mask on your face and neck.

Then gently remove it from neck to face, in an upward motion.

Wash your face in cold water.

Do this once a week to have the glow on your face.