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Disturbing Sight Of Brainwashed Children Shooting The Prisoners On Head

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A child’s face can literally put any pain to rest, there is something about children that just cannot be replaced. But, when these innocent kids become hungry for blood then I don’t think there cannot be a more disturbing sight.

Unfortunately that is exactly you will be seeing in this article, two brainwashed children shoot prisoners in the back of the head. This brutal ISIS video will tear your heart. The boys dressed in black force their captives to kneel down in front of a doorway.

They don’t even hesitate and ruthlessly pull the heads of the ‘spies’ before the younger of the two Jihadists starts to rant, they then point their handguns at their prisoners and kill them mercilessly.

The children are so-called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ – the name given to youngsters who have been brainwashed with ISIS ideologies and trained to fight and kill for the terror group.

ISIS have released numerous video that showed children killing the victims, training with weapons and pledging allegiance to ISIS.

It was reported last month that the head of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed in a raid carried out by Afghan and US special forces, the President of Afghan said.

Photos: Daily Mail

A statement by United States Forces – Afghanistan, said the raid also killed several other high-ranking members of the organisation along with 35 fighters.

Hasib took over the charge of ISIS-K, an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan after Hafiz Saeed was killed by a US drone strike.