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Bizarre: Lost 16-Year-Old Gang Raped By Kebab Shop Owner And Three Other Men

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Gang rape has become a serious issue among all the countries. Everyday in the newspaper or in TV we see small kids are getting gang raped. Gang rap is a heinous crime and our laws are very strict about it. Whenever there is any gang rape case the whole world came to know about the incident.

An horrific incident came into light when a 16-year-old girl was gang raped by a kebab shop owner and three other men living in Kent. The girl was lost and asking for direction when these people gang raped her.

The young girl was sexually assaulted by a gang of three co-workers and another man in a flat above 555 Pizza in Ramsgate, Kent. The suspects abused her and pushed her into the mattress. The unnamed girl was drunk and was heading home after having a night out with her friends.

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Suspects are Tamin Rahani who is also the Kebab shop owner, Shershah Muslimyar, Rafiullah Hamidi, and a teenager. The three denied the accusations, however, they were found guilty within 2 days only after the trial started.

“The girl was undoubtedly drunk and was walking the streets alone late at night.”

“The Crown’s case is that her drunkenness, youth, and vulnerability would have been recognized by the defendants.

And it was these factors that they took advantage of in the couple of hours that followed,” said Prosecutor Simon Taylor.

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“She says that she did not consent. Indeed, you may well conclude that she was too drunk to give any true consent to any sexual intercourse in any event. But what is clear is that each of the men took the opportunity to have a little ‘fun’ at her expense,” he added.

The young girl also released her statement and told the court what happened.

“One of them pushed me onto the bed. They were all laughing. They were laughing as they walked over, I think there was one or two by the door. I can’t remember much after that to be honest, they kept swapping over, they were having s*x. I told them to stop. I moved but they just carried on,” she narrated.

Photo: tnp