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Diamond Miners Offload $13 Million Worth Of Gold From A Shipwreck In Namibia

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The workers in the coast of Africa were taken aback when they discovered a shipwreck loaded with gold worth $13 million along with other treasures. The ship which was named ‘Bom Jesus’ or ‘Good Jesus’ came as a pleasant surprise to the miners.

Geologists identified the Bom Jesus for the mining company De Beers in 2008, it was found off the coast of Namibia near Oranjemund. The experts believe that Bom Jesus belongs to the golden era of Portuguese explorers who were on a look out on new lands.

It is claimed that the ship left in 1533 under the supervision of Sir Francisco de Noronha, it vanished when it was on its way to India.

The ship was discovered when the miners were draining an artificial salt lake, many lost ships were found in the process. However, the discovery was not done overnight, the miners first identified pieces of the old ships and other artifacts before the break through.

The discovery is considered as one of the most significant because of its age and the amount of gold it contained. Apart from gold, the miners also found ivory from West Africa, copper ignots of German origin, and gold coins from Portugal, Spain and Venice.

It also had silver coins, knives, high quality swords, personal belongings of the crew and also the skeletons of the perished men.

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According to archaeologist, Dr. Dieter Noli, the Namibian government will be keeping the gold since it was found in its borders. The site where the shipwreck was discovered has earned a spot on the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.