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Female UFC Fighter Laughs At Herself After An Embarrassing Fight

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MMA fighters have to be tough, both physically and mentally to wake up every day. Justin Kish is definitely one such fighter, during a fight with Felice Herrig in UFC she was humiliated with not just a defeat but also by her pooping.

She struggled to get out of the strong clinch and in the process she pooped, but, the fighter in her saw the lighter side of it.

She tweeted:

As expected, fellow UFC fighters encouraged and supported her to come back stronger.

However, this is not the first that something like this was seen, Travis Walford also pooped during a fight with Daniel Cooper in 2014.

The fight would have been over sooner with the win awarded to Herrig, according to UFC referee John McCarthy.

Images: Elite Readers

Anyway, let us hope that Justin makes a strong come back after facing the first defeat of her career.