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A Filipino Worker Was Surprised By Her Female Employer’s Kind Gesture On Her Birthday

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You must have heard lots of horror stories related to Overseas Filipno Worker which mostly comes from Middle East. Most of the horror stories are memorable due to the heinous crime they undergo. The foreign workers are treated very badly outside. There normal experiences and good experiences are often forgotten and drowned out. They’re out there but they always seem few and far between.

But, all the families are not the same. Some of the families treat their domestic helpers as their family members and sometimes even go far as to say that they are the silent majority.

Recently, a Facebook user Might Jorlene Jhore posted a video on her Facebook page showing her employer with a cake and a birthday present for her lucky day.


You can see in the video that her female employer came walking from a hallway with her kids singing happy birthday and surprise her with the cake and the gift.


Jorlene was surprised and overjoyed with the kind gesture and is smiling widely. She is far away from her biological parents in the Philippines, but she is happy about the fact that her other family celebrated the special occasion with her.


She blew away the candle and was quite happy and touched by her employer’s kind gesture.



Jorlene is one of the luckiest domestic helpers as not all domestic helpers get such kind of treatment. Most of the domestic helpers are never respected by their employers while others are outright beaten and abused. Whenever you work as a domestic worker in abroad the worst part is you don’t get to choose who you work for and can never be sure what kind of people they will be.

Watch her heartwarming video below: