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Girl Starts P00ping In The Club, After Ex Drugs Her

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These viral photos is a case of a cold-hearted revenge. The photos were posted on Instagram where this lady was spotted pooping herself right in the middle of a bar – while she was on a date!

A netizen has shared these viral photos and wondered who was more desperate to get laid: the woman who pooped in the bar or the guy who was willing to ignore that familiar poop smell.

These viral photos were chronicled by a Reddit thread and the reason why the lady couldn’t hold in her bowel-movement.


Apparently the woman had accepted a drink from her ex-boyfriend who was in the same club as she was! I mean it seems pretty sketchy to see your ex in the same club while you’re on a date – and then receive a free drink from him too.

According to the Reddit post:

“Some relationships end well, but some end very badly as one woman recently found out.”


We can’t identify the woman in the nightclub but the photos show what happened was not pretty. She never thought that accepting a drink from her ex-boyfriend will land her in this situation. She went to the club to enjoy with her new boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend intentionally spiked her drink and the woman ended up leaving piles of poo all across the floor, her legs, her underwear, and her fashionable dress. The ex was probably in stitches watching the woman desperately trying to hold it and being unsuccessful.”