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Nicole Kidman Says She Was ‘Humiliated’ After Filming Shocking Sex Scenes That Left Her With Bruises

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Photo: Dailymail

Nicole Kidman stars as abused victim Celeste Wright in HBO’s popular drama, Big Little Lies.

Nicole Kidman said she felt ‘humiliated’ after filming shocking sex scenes that left her with bruises and revealing the extent of her trauma: ‘I was just lying there, naked in half-torn underwear.’

Photo: Dailymail
Photo: Dailymail

‘I remember lying on the floor in the bathroom at the end of a difficult scene, and I just wouldn’t get up in-between takes.’

She added: ‘I was just lying there, basically naked in half-torn underwear, and Jean-Marc Vallée (the director) would come over and place a towel over me. It was very hard.

‘At times it felt dangerous and really upsetting, and I would go home afterwards and I would feel – I would keep on a very brave face at work and then I would go home and I didn’t realise how much it had penetrated me.’

Photo: Dailymail

Nicole’s Big Little Lies character Celeste has a violent and complicated relationship with Perry, played by co-star Alexander Skarsgård, 40.

The Academy Award-winning actress previously admitted to taking pain killers after being left bruised from the violent scenes that also took a toll on her emotionally.

Nicole told US Vogue her husband Keith Urban, 49, was upset to see her ‘covered in deep, massive bruises’ when she would return home from filming.

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‘He was devastated seeing it but then he would say, ”But I have an artist wife!” she told the publication.

And just recently, Alexander discussed his troubled character and revealed the coping mechanisms he and his co-stars developed to ‘shake off’ the intensity on set.

‘It was very important to reconnect after shooting those scenes,’ he told Vanity Fair, adding: ‘We made a point of checking in with each other, giving each other a hug.’

Photo: Dailymail

The True Blood star gushed of his onscreen spouse: ‘Nicole is an incredible partner because she is so generous and so open and it makes it easier as an actor when you have a partner like that.’