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To Support His Family This Man Sells Rags All Afternoon Despite Having Parkinson’s Disease!

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This story is about a hard working father who sells rugs in the streets of Bhutan all day. In a family fathers play an important role by going extra mile by supporting the family in needs. Father’s are always protective about their family and have a sense of duty for their families.

Rolando suffers from Parkinson’s disease which causes his body to shake non-stop due to the dead brain neurons. But, this doesn’t stopped him from supporting his family. Rain or shine, he makes it a point to still earn as much money as possible to feed his family.



According to him family’s food and rent is the first priority and then everything else. He can’t even afford his medicine for his condition and in order to control his involuntary shaking.

He earns an average of Php 300.00 a day from selling rags which he would then spend to pay the rent, buy food, and pay for the children’s tuition fee.

He is doing so much of hard work not for his own children. He is supporting the three kids of his sister-in-law who works as an overseas Filipino worker.



The three children May, Remy, and Michael stay with Ronaldo and his wife as their mother works abroad. Rolando treated them as his own kids.

He explained that the three children bring him and his wife a lot of happiness despite living in poverty.

Watch the full video below from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho to learn more about Rolando: