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Think Parenthood Is Tough, Then Just Take A Look At This Quintuplet Mom

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Most of the parents complain about not finding enough time for themselves after welcoming children into their life. But, the moment you read this story I am sure all such complaints will be laid to rest.

Kim and Vaughn Tucci, a couple from Perth, Australia wanted to have another child after having two daughters and Kim’s son from a past relationship. When Kim conceived they got to know that they would be having not one but five at a time.

Since Kim had health issues like endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, the condition was only getting dangerous. But, she fought the odds and gave birth to the babies.

Now, it was a huge responsibility for the parents. They welcomed a son Keith, and daughters Allie, Beatrix, Penelope and Tiffany.

Kim shared:

“We have five times the first smiles, the first giggles, the first time they look at you lovingly.”

She also didn’t forget to mention the amount of work that she has to do. She has to change 50 nappies and 40 bottles to prepare every single day.

The family is grateful for the support they receive from family, friends and sometimes even strangers who lend a helping hand.

Kim said:

“Even if we give an hour to each child, that’s seven hours a day. And you still got house work, (grocery) shopping…”

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Vaughn hilariously added:

“And you’ve still got to eat.”

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