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Brave Female Sniper Laughs At ISIS During A Deadly Encounter Against The Terror Outfit

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This female sniper has to be something else to laugh at the ISIS when the bullet missed her head by centimetres. The bullet passes through her head just by inches.

However, the super woman giggled at the ISIS for missing the target. The young woman situated in Raqqa was peering from a vantage point above a battlefield. The fatal bullet just missed her while she was steading her aim at the target.

But, her reaction to the hit and miss by the ISIS was quite surprising to many, this is definitely the ‘girl power’.

Hemza Hamza, the journalist who posted the video said:

“Kurdish women know no fear.

Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.”

The Kurdish shooter is said to be a member of the all-female fighting group ‘YPG’, which has around 7000 members.

The troops are apparently ready and waiting to clear the terror cult in the raid on the jihadi capital of Syria. Once Raqqa falls, Deir al-Zor province in eastern Syria is said to be the jihadis’ last major foothold in Syria and Iraq.

Photos: Unilad

Nevertheless, this incredible female is just unbelievable.