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Pretty Lady’s Claim For The Wealth Of A Rich Man Goes Horribly Wrong And Also Pushes Her Into Trouble

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Marcel Amphoux, 67, is a rich man who led a simple life. He was loved and respected in the small French village of Puy-Saint-Pierre. In fact he lived in a house without electricity or running water, but, he had prime lands and huts that was rented to people.

He then married a pretty woman who was 25 years younger to him, Sandrine Devillard. She was not liked by the people around old man as they believed she was only after the wealth.

A year after the marriage, Sandrine sent Marcel out with two of her friends for a drive, which ended in an accident and people had some doubts about it. While Marcel died in the accident, the two survived.

She was tagged as a gold digger after she questioned her late husband’s will and even the case to the court. When it was time to deal with the money and properties, Sandrine was clueless as she discovered that the huts were given to the tenants and the other properties were left to his female cousin.

She claimed that the will was not written in Marcel’s handwriting. However, the experts said that it was indeed written by the rich farmer.

Photos: Chismix

The lady was then left with nothing but frustration and might go back to her old life.