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Six Month Old Baby Takes Her Last Breath In Mother’s Arms During Grenfell Tower Tragedy

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Many are still disturbed by the recent Grenfell Towers tragedy that killed several people and here is yet another heart tearing story of a six month old baby.

Leena Belkadi and her eight-year-old sister Malak Belkadi, both dies in the fire accident. Leena was found in the arms of her mother, which indicated that the mother tried to protect her baby. They were found in a stairwell between the 19th and 20th floor.

The first victim of the disaster was identified as Mohammed Al Haj Ali, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee. His family said in a statement:

“He was a loving and caring person, always showing support and solidarity for friends and family stuck back in Syria.

Photos: Unilad

His very last words to us were how much he missed us. Ever since he moved away from us, we tried to be united with him and his brothers, and now, instead, we have been united by his body.”