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This Superdad In Philippines Takes His Son To School Everyday On His Wheelchair And They Just Love It

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Sometimes, the way people live makes you feel so good and makes you believe in things and this is definitely one such story. While, most of the people have no time to their kids, this Filipino man drives his son to school everyday using his wheelchair.

Tatay Alejandro, enjoys the job of taking his 7-year-old son to school on his wheelchair. The boy who is in Grade 2 enjoys his morning ride with his loving father while he attends Pasig Elementary School.

It has become a sort of ritual and the father never fails in fulfilling his duty “whether it rains or whether it is a hot day.” It is great to see this father performing this physically draining act day in and day out. Considering that the boy is chubby, it looks cute to the eyes as the father toils hard to move ahead.

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The father does this to ensure safety of his son and save as much as possible. Alejandro was stricken with polio when he was just 5 years and he considers himself to have find a life partner. He is definitely a great role model for all the fathers. We take our hats off to this incredible man for redefining the meaning of parenting.

The little boy is definitely lucky to have such a dedicated father to support him and a great role model to look up to.