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Woman Falls In Love With A Young Man But He Turns Out To Be Her Son

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Monica Mares, a 36-year-old woman proved that age does not matter in love and fell for a 19 year-old man, Caleb Peterson. But, the twist comes when identity of the man is revealed.

The young man was actually having a relationship with his biological mother, he was still a baby when he was put for adoption. She gave birth at the age of 16, and decided to give away the child to a couple from Texas and there was absolutely no communication between the two.

They met on Facebook after almost two decades, as they became close, she decided to pick up Caleb from his adoptive parents and they lived in together. She let him stay with her in their mobile home with her two other children.

Monica’s “motherly love” slowly developed into something unexpected. They claimed that something different was felt after a couple of weeks and started a romantic relationship which eventually turned into a se*ual relationship.

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Interestingly, they claim they are madly in love in spite of knowing their biological relationship. They are determined to continue their relationship which might land them in jail. They said that they are ready to fight for each other and nothing can stop them.

They are charged with incest which is a grave violation in their country, New Mexico, and Monica was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

However, she told that they will move far away from their city after coming out of prison, a place which could allow them to have the relationship they want.