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Heart breaking images of dogs chained and left behind to die in Texas floods


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Sad incidents were pets were left behind by owners, sometimes still chained during the Texas floods

Torrential rains in Houston, Texas due to tropical storm Harvey has wreaked havoc. Five people have been reported dead so far, many more are injured, and thousands have been displaced. But as people flee to save themselves, many are forgetting to take their animals with them, and as you can see from these heartbreaking pictures, dogs are being left behind to fend for themselves in what might be the worst flood in the history of Houston.


This poor dog was left chained in Houston, Texas, without any hope to escape…

Another one was trapped in Houston, Texas, but luckily got rescued

This sad pup was seen chained to a tree outside a mobile home in Victoria, also left on its own

People were obviously appalled at how cold-hearted the owners were to leave their loyal pets to die:



If you see any pets left behind, please contact local animal services