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These Kids Are Geniuses In The Making!


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Never underestimate the intelligence of kids. They might surprise you with their genius.

Kids are often underestimated. We think they are too little to know anything. However, you if you spend more time with them you may soon be very surprised.

#1 Never Drop A Book On The Bath Again. My 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Invention

#2 My Son Tells Me He Made A Home Theater

kids, chldren, child, invention, smart, best, compilation, funny, genius

#3 This Is How My Son Tracks Positions During Nascar

#4 My Girlfriend’s 9-Year-Old Daughter: “I Invented This So I Don’t Have To Stop Playing Videogames To Drink My Water”. I’ve Dubbed It The “Pwning Pouch”

#5 My 9-Year-Old Cousin’s Invention. I Think He Did Good

#6 This Kid Is Going Places


#7 I Asked For An iPad Holder For The Kitchen And Got A Lego One With “Mom” On It

#8 Brilliant

#9 Multi Tasking Like A Pro!

#10 Phone Not Loud Enough? Natalie’s Got You Covered