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40 Celebrities Who Had Crappy Jobs Before They Got Famous


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Even our favorite celebrities were ever just regular people working to get by. They even struggled to become just big stars.

Some of the stars used to work as waitress, a cashier, or even a janitor. Some were even in the process of training to enter long-term careers, such as law and teaching, when their big break came, while others were fresh out of jail after getting caught up in crime.

Check out some of the profession of the stars before they entered the entertainment industry.

#1 Steve Buscemi Was A Firefighter. During The 9/11 Attacks He Returned To His Former Job As A New York Firefighter To Help Out

#2 Christopher Walken Was A Lion Tamer, He Was 16 At The Time And Would Perform With A Lioness Named Sheba

#3 Danny DeVito Was A Hairdresser For Corpses, He Would Style Women’s Hair To Make Them Look Beautiful Before They Went Six Feet Under

#4 Harrison Ford Was A Carpenter

#5 Christopher Lee Worked For The Intelligence Service

#6 Johnny Depp Worked As A Telemarketer And Hated It, He Only Made One Sale – And Promptly Talked The Customer Out Of The Purchase

#7 Jim Carrey Quit School To Support His Family And Started Working As A Janitor

#8 Rihanna Was An Army Cadet

#9 Pierce Brosnan Was A Professional Fire Eater In His Teens And Performed Under The Big Top For Three Years

#10 Brad Pitt Used To Dress Up As A Chicken For An El Pollo Loco Restaurant In Hollywood