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Miss Bumbum winner reveals she left her husband to compete in pageant

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Miss Bumbum, the controversial beauty pageant for butts, sees women competing to see who has got the best backside!


The winner of this year’s Miss Bumbum has revealed how she left her husband in order to take part in the competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After beating 13 other big-bottomed girls to pick up the coveted title, Rosie Oliveira, 28, revealed how her husband had made her choose between him and entering the beauty pageant.

However, she insisted she doesn’t regret deciding to leave him to pursue her lifelong dream of being named the owner of Brazil’s most beautiful bottom.

Rosie, who burst into tears after she was announced the competition’s winner at a glitzy ceremony in Sao Paulo, said: ‘He told me to choose between this and him. But I’d already entered the competition without him knowing.

‘It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I’ve dreamed of this moment since I was a child, I wasn’t going to let my husband get in the way. It’s still sinking in, I still can’t believe it actually happened. I’m pinching myself to see if I might still wake up.’

But she added: ‘I know people all over Brazil expect much from their Miss Bumbum, and I wont let them down. I want Brazil to get better, so we have health, education and security for all.

‘I’ve also been offered a shoot in Playboy magazine, but it’s not definite yet.’

Being crowned the country’s Miss Bumbum means Rosie, who represents the jungle state of Amazonas and who studied journalism, will become a megastar.

Previous winners have gone on to earn millions in endorsements, appearances and magazine shoots, including last year’s winner Erica Canela, who became an instant celebrity and starred in a reality show in Portugal.

And the 14 women competing for the title at last night’s final knew how their lives could change overnight as they each paraded their behinds in front of a panel of 12 judges.

Firstly, they walked down the catwalk wearing their choice of evening dress before showing off an array of skimpy ensembles as they danced to their choice of music.

And many left little to the imagination as they wiggled, shaked and gyrated their bottoms, which measured between 92 and 107cm round.

One candidate suddenly whipped off her bikini top, then also her bikini bottoms, to reveal just sequins covering her modesty.

Another woman, desperate to impress, got down on all fours and shook her derriere wildly to the delight of a packed floor of reporters and photographers from all over Brazil to cover what is considered one of the year’s biggest events.

But judge Gisele Alquas said she was looking for charisma and not just a big bottom.

She said: ‘Everything has to be in proportion, to have a very big bottom you must also be tall.

‘But the winner of Miss Bumbum represents the Brazilian bottom outside of Brazil, so it’s not just about their bottom. They need to have charisma and have a captivating personality too, so that’s what I’m looking out for.

‘The bottom is Brazil’s national obsession. Much more than their breasts or any other part of their body, women here take more care of their backsides.’

Jessica Lopes, a previous runner-up who was also on the judging panel, added: ‘Im looking for symmetry in the bumbum. But I also want to find a woman who is really willing to wear the T-shirt and take the Brazilian bottom all around the world, so I need to see enthusiasm.

‘We pride ourselves in our bottoms. God gave nice bottoms to us Brazilians. Our Miss Bumbum is a reflection of all of us, that’s why choosing a winner is such a serious task.’

The final was the climax of a four month campaign for the Miss Bumbum wannabes, who were whittled down from 27 women, each representing a Brazilian state, by a public poll in which over 17million people voted.

Many of the women went to extreme lengths to get people’s attention, including posing in bikinis made from slabs of meat and tying themselves to trees to protest against the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Having a bigger and firmer bottom than the rest also means a gruelling daily routine of buttock-enhancing sessions in the gym, while some spend thousands on treatments and anti-cellulite creams and diets.

But this year’s contest was also marred by scandals and allegations of dirty tricks.

Last month the competition was thrown into disarray after six contestants were found to have cheated their way to the finals by using computer software to amass thousands of extra online votes.

The women were punished by being docked of 40,000 votes each, but still made it to the final.

And after one of the women accused the contestant with the biggest bottom, Andrea Prata, of having bottom implants, she had to have her backside X-rayed to prove it was natural.

Andrea, who represents the northern state of Para, won last night’s Miss Sympathy prize, a title voted by the women themselves for the contestant they liked the most.

It was after 1am when, with the performances over and the votes counted, the moment Brazil had waited for when the winner of Miss Bumbum 2017 was announced finally came.

In third and second places respectively were Jane Ferreira, representing the state of Pernambuco, and Raissa Barbosa, from the state of Acre.

Winner Rosie squealed with delight as her name was read out, before becoming overcome with emotion as she hugged and kissed her supporters, while the other women looked on behind her, barely disguising their envy and disgust.

One who didn’t make the podium, Grazy Alves, representing the state of Bahia, later quipped: ‘She doesn’t have the Brazilian beauty. To represent the Brazilian bottom it needs to be big, with large thighs, like mine. She’s too thin to be successful.’

Rosie, however, is already thinking big, including, according to her, using her title to empower women and end Brazil’s machist culture.

As she was giving interviews following her win, a drunk unidentified man came from behind and grabbed her bottom, after which she turned round and slapped him on the face.

She said: ‘This is exactly what I want to fight against. Just because I’m Miss Bumbum doesn’t mean they can disrespect me. I want to show women you can still have a big beautiful bottom and not be treated like an object’.

This year’s competition was said to be more ‘elegant’ than previous years, with bums bigger than 107cm banned from the contest.

The Miss Bumbum contest has become world famous since it was launched in 2011 by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver.