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15 New Features In IOS 11 You NEED to know!

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Apple came out with their latest iPhone x with iOS 11 and everyone’s queuing up! But there are ways to get around using this advanced device even faster and easily.


Here are 15 neat hidden features on iOS 11 that can help you in a multitude of ways.


  1. Redesigned control center: Everything in the control center can now be viewed on one page so there is no need to swipe around to find what you need.
  2. Customizable control center: Along with it all fitting on one page, the control center is now also customizable. You can go into your phone settings and choose which shortcuts you would like to include in the control center and remove the ones you don’t need.
  3. Emergency Mode: You can now press the sleep/wake button 5 times to activate the emergency mode. Emergency mode disables Touch ID and Face ID so that no one can force you to unlock your phone. You can also access your medical ID and dial 911 from the emergency screen.
  4.  Sharing Wifi Passwords: We have all been through that annoying stage of trying to type in a long wifi password. Now if another IOS device tries to join the same wifi as you, you can easily share the password with them.
  5. Record your own screen: You can now add a shortcut to your control center that lets you record your own screen. After a 3-second countdown, your phone will record what you do and save it as a video in your photos library.
  6. Store GIFS: You can now save a GIF to your photo library and save them for later.
  7. Customize AirPods shortcuts: You can now control your AirPods more easily and add new shortcuts. For example, you can program them to skip to the next song with a double tap on the right pod.
  8. Improved Apple Maps: Apple maps now has maps of some malls and airports. You can search for things nearby and navigate different floors.
  9. Do not disturb while driving: You can now automatically turn on do not disturb while driving. iOS 11 will silence your notifications so that you can stay focused while driving.
  10. Screenshot Editor: You can now edit screenshots right after you take them and share them with other apps.
  11. Deleting apps: There is now a way to purge all of the apps you no longer use all at once so that you can free up more space on your phone.
  12. Scan QR codes: You can now scan QR codes from your phone’s camera without having to use a separate app.
  13. Smaller photos: With the quality of pictures and videos getting better, they take up a lot more room on your phone. iOs 11 uses HEIF and HEVC for photos and videos so that they can be saved in smaller file sizes.
  14. Double Keypad: This feature is available on your iPad. You can swipe your finger down on a key to reveal more options instead of having to go to another page.
  15. Ever-Notes: This feature is also available for iPads. This update allows you to scan documents using the notes app.