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Obese Teen Lost 170 Lbs By Quitting These 2 Habits

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Obesity is an epidemic and many youngsters are soon becoming more and more obese due to some widely practiced and unhealthy habits. This teenager belonged to this category.

19 year old Jessica Beniquez weighed an eye-watering 320 pounds. Her life was all about eating fast food and watching her favorite shows on Netflix “All I did was eat, go to work, and watch my shows.” That’s what most of us do and we must not!

In 2016 she decide to say Rocka bye to her lazy habits , and say Ola to reducing weight to healthy level.
The first thing that she has to quit was her junk food and switching her diet to healthy food .This was followed by up with physical exercise routine. She cut back on the Netflix bingeing and Gradually started to walk and watched videos on Youtube for working out. Finally she landed where people unfit like her are supposed to be, Gym.

However, now she has become a regular and in fact feels very motivated to workout and exercises at the gym for two hours every day.

Jessica has shared her experiences about her journey from 320lbs to 145lbs on social media platforms mainly on Instagram in order to encourage others to improve their lives. “My name is Jessica and I’m 21,I’m 5’4 and I have lost over 170 lbs with diet and exercise. Starting at over 320 lbs and currently between 145-148. There were and still are obstacles that get in the way, but that’s just the way it is and I have to deal with it. Did I let me give up? NEVER.”

Her posts are truly an inspiration who wants to get of that fat on their skin “I have dedicated my life to fitness and I have learned to love it when before I started this journey, I would dread just walking to the bus stop that was not even a 5 minute walk.”

As Jessica has shed weight, her whole personality has changed she has become more confident and healthy. “I never expected to be where I am today. I was shy, but now I have so much more confidence, I have so much more energy… It’s crazy the things I can do now that I couldn’t do before.”

It is never too late to try to turn our lives around by taking charge of things. We can do just about anything if we really put our mind to it. Just keep your spirit high and do your thing.

A healthy mind is in a healthy body as her experiences speaks for all of us . Its all about putting your efforts that improves our health and makes us energetic and feel better about ourselves.

Obesity is a global health issue. According to a report by National Institute of Health overweight and obesity combined lead to a staggering 300,000 deaths in the United States annually and have become and the second leading preventable cause of the death in the country.

The global obesity epidemic is not just limited to developed nations and countries in the Middle East and elsewhere are also suffering from the obesity epidemic .The underdeveloped countries are more prone to food related health issues.

“If these trends continue, by 2025, global obesity prevalence will reach 18% in men and surpass 21% in women; severe obesity will surpass 6% in men and 9% in women,” – Report

It is upto us who we want to be, it is up to us what road to take . Being healthy is not just about losing weight . It makes you feel younger and lively .Moreover A healthy diet is a healthy life.