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This Ripped Goddess Is A True Example Of Women Empowerment

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Russia is one crazy pot of the most talented people in the world. Think of anything, even if it is bizarre and you’ll see them giving China some competition. This inspirational woman is also from Russia and wait till you see her! This woman is what hard work and dedication looks like!

Going to the gym daily is not an easy task, you seriously need a motivation to do that. But still, there are some people exists that shows us what hard working and dedication can give you. Natalia Kuznetsova is one of them.


Natalia Kuznetsova is a female body lifter. Yes! You heard it right a female body lifter. She shared her photos on social media of working out and some casual one, those photos went viral. From then she became an inspiration to everyone with her incredible body

She was just 14 when she started bodybuilding and now she is 26.

At the time of teenage, she was a skinny girl. She weighs less than 40kgs and wanted to gain weight. So that’s she started it and but she didn’t know that’s she gonna fell for. Now she still works out daily.

Her current weight is 90kg and hit the gym for few hours every day.

According to her training and a healthy diet are the first priority of her life.She doesn’t use sauces and spices instead she uses proteins.

Several world records have been set by her such as in bench press and deadlifting.

But last year she retired from it, she realized she couldn’t permanently turn her back on the sport.

She is getting ready for an event in Moscow after 18-months of a break.But she will only train the other athletes.


She’s definitely happy to be back!

Natalia said:

“People definitely recognize me. An athletic body can be seen under clothes. Many people recognize me, ask to take a photo with them. Many people even know my name.”

Many online haters tried to mock her but she says, she knows how to ignore them and all the negativity in her life. And only focus on your aim.