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Mom Tries To Teach Baby To Say Mama. She Is Shocked When The Dog…

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Dogs are great at learning tricks but surely you never expect them to speak like humans.

When Andrea Diaz-Giovanini tried to get her nine-month-old son to say ‘mama,’ holding out food as a possible reward, she had definitely never heard a dog speak either… but there’s a first for everything — and Patch beat little Sam to the punch!

In the below video, Andrea was bribing Sam with food, trying to teach him to say mom. Although he was slowly trying to say the word, it was Patch who got vocal very quickly, blasting out a howl-like ‘mama’ in a lovable way only a dog could.

Making matters even more adorable for the Utah family was that Sam noticed he was getting beat, so he decided to stiff-arm the 10-year-old Australian shepherd, trying to prevent him from getting his reward.

And according to BoredPanda, Patch is a very talented dog in more ways than one. It turns out he also provides service as a therapy dog for the family’s grandmother who suffered a brain injury, alerting the family to any potential seizures.