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40 People Who Tried Face Swap On A Baby, And Regretted It Immediately

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Face swapping, the act of digitally rendering your face onto someone else’s (and vice-versa), has slowly taken over the world since its addition to Snapchat back in 2016. People can now easily can exchange mugs as they can take selfies, and it’s produced some pretty terrifying results on occasion. Nothing, however, could possibly haunt our dreams more than adult faces superimposed onto tiny infant frames.

Check it out!

#1 Cat Looks Pretty Though

#2 Face Swapped My Brother And My Daughter. I Will Never Stop Laughing At This

#3 Who Needs A DNA Test

#4 Possibly One Of The Best Face Swaps

#5 Tried To Do A Face Swap With My Infant Daughter

#6 Girlfriend Sent Me This Face Swap The Other Day

#7 Wife Wanted A Family Portrait For Christmas. This Is What She Got

#8 I Made A Huge Mistake With This Face Swap Of My Wife And Son

#9 Best Face Swap Everrrr

#10 Baby Face Swap

#11 Face Swap

#12 Today Grandma Posted Her First Photo On Facebook. Today I Did My First Face Swap

#13 I Attempted To Face Swap With My Son. The Result Was Glorious

#14 Santa Face Swap

#15 By Far The Best Face Swap In A Long Time

#16 This Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

#17 As Soon As I Found Out My Wife Was Pregnant I Bought A Camera Specifically For This Purpose

#18 Nephew Visited Santa The Other Day

#19 Man Friend Took His Infant Son Swimming This Past Weekend. I Couldn’t Resist

#20 My Favorite Face Swap

#21 Face Swap

#22 Pretty Creepy Face Swap

#23 Baby Daddy

#24 So My Girlfriend Got Bored While Babysitting

#25 Best Face Swap Ever

#26 Like Father, Like Daughter

#27 Face Swap That Is Funny And Terrifying

#28 Me And Princess Nova Face Swap

#29 My First Face Swap. Daughter And I

#30 Talk About A Creepy Face Swap, My Brother And His Son

#31 Stumbled Upon This Face Swap

#32 Face Swap Gold

#33 First Time Doing A Face Swap. A Great And Terrible Power. Don’t Know Whether To Be Proud Or Mortified. Maybe Both

#34 Shouldn’t Have Put This On Facebook. My Sister-In-Law Doesn’t Talk To Me Anymore

#35 Pool Throw

#36 My Kid Is Old

#37 Face Swap I Did Of My Brother And Niece

#38 The Best Face Swap I’ve Ever Made Of My Cousin And His Baby

#39 Face Swaped A Photo Of My Brother And His Daughter

#40 I Tried Face Swap. I Think I’ll Stop Now