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It’s So Bone-Chilling Cold In America And Canada That People Are Posting Photos Of Their Windows Breaking

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You must be aware that much of North America is tight in the grip of a bone-chilling cold snap. The weather caused all kinds of chaos, cancelling festive celebrations and making the continent the coldest place in the world right now.

Here we have compiled a list of the ‘coolest’ and most beautiful photos of the winter wonderland. Scroll down below to check out the jaw-dropping pics in all their frigid, glacial glory.

#1 Making The Best Of The Cold Weather In Canada

#2 Ny Covered In Snow

#3 It Was Cold So I Gave My Dog My Jacket

#4 Niagara Falls Is Frozen

#5 Deep Freeze

#6 63 Inches Of Snow In 2 Days

#7 Bills Fans Are Hardcore

#8 Started Off The Year With A Quick Trip To St Joseph Michigan. The Arctic Weather Has The Lighthouse And Pier Frozen Solid

#9 This Flash-Frozen Fire Hydrant

#10 Living The Dream

#11 It’s So Cold In Canada That Windows Are Cracking

#12 Icicles Form On The Tritons In The Forsyth Park Fountain

#13 It’s So Cold That The Steam From The Sewer Grate Turns Into Snow

#14 Welcome To Canada. It’s Cold

#15 Frozen Minnehaha Falls

#16 Ice Covers A Pansy

#17 Pancake Ice Has Formed In A Secluded Bay Near North Avenue Beach

#18 Sheathed In The Deep Freeze

#19 We Live In Erie, Pa, And Got 53” Of Snow In 30 Hours

#20 Time To Learn How To Ice-Climb

#21 The Paint For This Parking Lot Space Has Shattered

#22 Boston On Ice

#23 This Is The Snow Level In Midland, Ontario Right Now. Time To Go Sledding!

#24 A Man Removes Snow From The Sidewalk In Front Of His Home After Two Days Of Record-Breaking Snowfall In Erie, Pennsylvania

#25 Gas, Anyone?

#26 City Of Erie Traffic Engineering Employee Uses Compressed Air To Clear Snow From A Traffic Signal

#27 Frozen Water Fountain In New York

#28 The Bitterly Cold Temperatures Have Reduced The Amount Of Open Water, Concentrating Waterfowl And Eagles Alike In Those Places Where Water Is Running

#29 The Thing Formerly Know At The ‘Back Deck’. Still Snowing

#30 Man Skis On A Street

#31 Woman Stands On The Roof Of Her Car As She Brushes Off Snow In Erie, Pa

#32 Meanwhile In Manitoba Canada

#33 People Still Jogging In Sub-Zero Temperatures

#34 It’s Cold Outside

#35 One Final Stop On Our Trip

#36 Freezing New York

#37 Man Digging Out His Car After A Storm Brought 34 Inches Of Snow

#38 Woman Shovelling The Steps To Her House After A Record Snowfall

#39 A Boy Has His Face Bundled Against Temperatures In Washington

#40 A Meer 3 Hours North Of Toronto