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12 Awkward Fashion Items That Don’t Make Any Sense

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Fashion is more than just wearing a piece of clothing. But there are some things that people choose to wear that makes a lot of us question a thing or two. Anything related to fashion can either be a trend or can lead to a great awkwardness. Here in the name of fashion, we have listed some awkward fashion items that don’t make any sense but they still exist.

The 12 Most Awkward Fashion Items That Don’t Make Any Sense!

1. Beauty Nipple

I don’t know how it’s gonna enhance your beauty.

2. Teeth bracelet

Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.

3. Handsfree umbrella

Not sure if it’s an umbrella or an astronaut’s helmet.

4. Necklace

A necklace designed for monsters.

5. Crystalized tears

Do you suck at showing emotions and tears? Worry no more.

6. And these weird eyelashes 

It’s time to give some new look to your eyelashes.

7. Necklace or shelter for a rat?

8. Female lips button

For the men who are never tired of admiring a woman’s lips

9. Female breasts

Are you ever gonna buy these awkward fashion items?

10. Is it shoes or socks?

When you are too obsessed with denim.

11. Too Tight

Looks so awkward.

12. Seriously?

Why does it look like a horse accessory?