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Why The World Has Gone Mad For A Towel Bra?

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All women become uncomfortable during summer due to the dreaded sweat situation! During summer, every other time whatever you do your breasts starts sticking to your clothes. Designers have now designed The Ta-Ta Towel that keeps your boob up, so you can hop the sweat.

There are know quite a lot merchandise tech-savvy firms have embarked into women’s social media timeline in recent months, in pursuit of the infective viral marketing campaigns.

Now we have the Ta-Ta Towel, that initially looks as the most ridiculous, however. Diversely described as “a flaky boob hammock” and “the breast accessory you didn’t know you needed,” it’s an associated soft towel for ladies that solely covers their breasts.

Erin Robertson, created this artistic breast hack when she felt the agony of the underboob sweat condition herself. On her website, she wrote that the idea was headed when she was residing in Los Angeles a few years back and was about to go on a date. As she got out of the shower she could not stop sweating as her A/C was broken. She literally tried everything but nothing could help. That’s when this idea popped into her head!

The product has become a great success among pregnant women and mums. Ladies are loving this idea as it can make them feel comfortable in the scorching heat of the sun! Consumers have praised it for being both “soft/comfortable” and making you believe like you are “naked without being naked.”

The concept was created in 2015 but has lately gained popularity after Jezebel tried it. The Ta-Ta Towel is available to pre-order on the website for £34.24 ($45) and comes in five different colors.

Customers have gone gaga about the product! Meanwhile, daring beauty fans have been enjoying all by going topless and covering their t*ts with glitter.