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13 Hairstyles Of Women Which Men Hate The Most

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We all know that men observer’s women. us. When they see a woman, they not only pay attention to their figure but they also observe their dress, makeup, and hairstyles. But unfortunately, many women don’t know how to dress or choose a proper haircut to attract men.

So today we will show you these 12 hairstyles of women that men generally hate!

1. Long Straight Hair

Natural straight hair looks very sexy especially when they are long. That’s why many women like this hairstyle. They often use straighteners to get this hairstyle. But the truth is that men don’t like it. This type of hairstyle looks like dried up wires to them.

2. Messy Hair

It is a famous and fashionable hairstyle. This hairstyle looks like a woman has risen from bed with messy hair. However, it does not impress men a lot. You can wear it at home but while going out or working you can’t wear it. They find this hairstyle unattractive and it spoils the image of a woman.

3. Messy Bun

Messy Bun is one of the popular hairstyles among women. This hairstyle reveals their neck and makes them look more attractive. But according to gents, a woman with such hairstyle loses her charm and grace. They also find this hairstyle very common.

4. Curly Hair

Do not choose this hairstyle unless and until you have natural curly dense hair or you are a Brazilian or Afro. Men find this hairstyle are attractive naturally. They highlight that the more natural hair you have the better you look. When a woman has so many strong curls it looks like she is wearing an artificial helmet.

5. Dreadlocks

Men believe that women keep this hairstyle just to look attractive. This hairstyle requires the culture and care. Dreadlocks express someone’s interesting personality, however, men don’t find this hairstyle attractive. They believe that it doesn’t suit them. They also believe that this hairstyle is associated with dirt and uncleanliness.

7. Shaved In Back Or In Front

This is one of the worst hairstyles ever invented. According to men, this hairstyle looks unnatural and masculine. They believe that woman with this hairstyle loses her charm and make an impression of an arrogant personality.

8. Elegant Bob

This hairstyle is extremely popular among many women. It requires a lot of care in order to make a woman look more attractive. However, this hairstyle does not fit on every face or figure. Meanwhile, for gents, it looks like a helmet.

9. Colorful Hair

This is the trend which is currently going on among women. This is not about hairstyle but about dying. As we had mentioned above, men like more naturalness. Dying your hair isn’t natural. They hate colored hairs.

10. Blunt Bangs

Gents don’t find this hairstyle very attractive. They find it very boring and plain. This hairstyle hides the ears, eyebrows, forehead, collarbone, and neckline of a woman and makes her less attractive.

11. Tighty Top Knots

This hairstyle is not much liked by men. This hairstyle looks neat on women but it is not flirty or creative.

12. Simple Ponytail hairstyle

This basic ponytail hairstyle is not attractive to them at all. Most men hate this and find this hairstyle as reserved, casual and uncreative.

13. Shaggy Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks shabby and unlayered. They don’t find it attractive and force them to think of you to be untidy and haphazard.