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Here’s What Your Nail Reveals About Your Character

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It is surprising to know that what the simplest of things can reveal and how close it is to reality. Now, let us see what the shape of your nail tells us about you.

Pointed, triangular nails

People with triangular nails are generally very passionate and confident. They are not afraid of change and in fact get bored with usual routine and therefore they always seek new challenges. They go all out and don’t dwell into setbacks, they just pursue their goals.

Oval nails

The oval shaped nail people are practical and also feminine. They are extroverted and hence build new friendships and relationships very quickly. They carry good feelings and positivity with them. They prefer to ignore arguments and trouble as they are peace-loving people.

Square nails

These people have strong character and stick to their mind no matter what, in fact they can even be extremely stubborn at times. Though they might make it difficult for sensitive people around them, it is better to be honest than to beat around the bush.

Slanted nails

These people love to stay in limelight and also show their creativity. They look to explore new paths instead of following the same old routes. They are born leaders and stand out from the crowd. They are passionate and committed to whatever they do.

Round nails

the round nail people are romantic and love to stay in harmony. Their greatest wish is to find a dream partner and they need their relationship to be affectionate. There is absolutely no space for arguments and disagreements.

So what do you guys think?