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Arab Man Surprises Restaurant Waiter And Goes Viral With His Flawless Filipino Speech

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A Filipino restaurant waiter in Saudi was taken by surprise when an Arab man spoke to him fluently in his mother-tongue. The waiter, Glen Colinares, was so impressed that he recorded the Arab man’s conversation, which has gone viral.

Colinares went to the Arab man to receive his order when he started to talk in Filipino. During their conversation, the waiter praised the Arab’s command of the Filipino language. “Sir, ang galing galing nyong mag-Tagalog,” (Sir, you speak Tagalog quite well), he said.

The Arab man also spoke in Bicolano – a dialect used by Filipinos in the south-eastern part of the archipelago.

When the Arab’s order came in, he was quick to comment that the glass where his pineapple juice was served in was ‘ibang klase’ (one of a kind). He also told Colinares that his drink was ‘masarap’ (delicious).

He posted snippets of the conversation on his Facebook page and said that it was ‘an unexpected encounter’. Colinares also dedicated his post to kabayans in the Middle East as well as around the world. He also said that the Arab man was “ibang klase” (one of a kind).

The video has attracted over 212,000 views, 3000 reactions and 38,627 shares on Facebook.