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Take A Look At Some Of The Astonishing Facts Of The Middle East Region

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Middle East region is known for its rich oil states and conservative society. However, there are also some interesting facts that you all must know.

Here are some of the interesting Middle East facts:

Israel and Tunisia are the only democracies in the region

Apart from the two countries, the rest of them have dictatorships. The UN Security council accused the dictatorships of atrocity against minority in 2015. The UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights charged them with extremist violence and human rights abuses towards girls and women.

South Syrians

The Palestinians called themselves as ‘South Syrians’ until the emergence of Israel. Israel and the Arabic nations were involved in a war to claim Palestine.

The largest country

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the region, while Lebanon is the smallest country in the Middle East.

Israel and its patents

Interestingly, Israel produces more patents than the entire region despite being the 2nd smallest nation in the region.