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Girls Who Really Failed at Bending Over in Public

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Fail or not?


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Shopping in a dress with a zipper might not be the best idea but if you need a blender that much…



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We get it, you’re a young mother, you don’t have much time but come on, have some decency!



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What? You think she should leave her bike for some prick to steal? Nah…



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Oh, I don’t mind, please, take you time!


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Oh no, she’s lost something in the fountain. Good thing that someone’s going to help her pretty soon.



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Could someone explain, why do girls wear short skirts while doing groceries, huh?


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Another good looking shopper? May the winds be ever in our favor.



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Bend over and yoga pants becomes even more interesting!


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You just had to bend over! Like those shorts weren’t hot enough.