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China Eastern Airlines Flight Crew Involved In Scandal, But Company Denies Accusation

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The China Eastern Airlines is embroiled in a scandal involving the flight crew. A raunchy video involving the staff having a s*x party has been doing the rounds, leaving the company embarrassed. However, the airline denied the act and said that the nude people were not their employees.

The video was released on the Chinese social media app, Weibo. The video showed naked men and women grinding, dancing, partying, laughing and getting intimate in a hotel room. According to reports, the adult party took place in Madrid, Spain.

The company shrugged off the reports through a document the company allegedly compiled. In the document, it was stated that the video was indeed filmed in Africa and not in Madrid. It also accused that the people who were involved in the video were looking to disrepute the image of the airline.

While some believe that it was captured in a spa in Thailand, a few others believe that those involved in the act were prostitutes and not the airline members.