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Facebook Gets Into Deeper Trouble As Whatsapp Co-Founder Urges Users To Delete Their Fb Accounts Right Away

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Looks like Facebook controversy is getting worse as time passes. The social media giant is being slammed for its violations relating to privacy of users. However, the latest attack might just be a bit hard to swallow.

Brian Action, the co-founder of Whatsapp who also worked with Facebook even after selling the app to Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in 2019, had no second thoughts while lashing out at Facebook.

Action twitted a while earlier and it was pretty straight-forward and asked users to delete their accounts and joined in the trending #deletefacebook.

It is a huge low for Facebook since it is coming from a man who was associated with the firm as he was heading the Whatsapp division inside the social media giant, before quitting earlier in the year.

Most of the users are feeling cheated and violated with Facebook’s policies that maintain user data and how that data is shared with third-party developers.

As expected the users are coming hard at Facebook after it was reported that a political data analysis company Cambridge Analytica accessed 50 million Facebook users’ data without their permission.