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Old Lady’s Small Confusion Ends Up Pretty Bad For Innocent Pedestrian

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Pertpall Shaw has been sentenced to two years and four months in jail after she ran over pedestrians, one of them killed, after she mistook the accelerator to be the brake.

Sonata Saulytyte, 44, was the unfortunate one who was killed in the incident. She hit the railings and was crushed underneath the speeding car.

Describing the aftermath of the crash, prosecutor Alan Blake said: ‘The defendant got out of her car with her hands on her head.

‘She was looking for something in the boot of her car and made comments saying her brakes had failed.

‘She said to those around her that the body under the rubble was already there and that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

‘She was taken to hospital for a check up before she was taken to the station and here it is noted she was saying ‘I lost my brakes’. It was also noted that she wasn’t wearing her prescription glasses that her licence said she should.’

A 20-year-old man who was one among the injured had serious injuries to the both the legs. The court heard Sall was driving at 30mph when the ‘phenomenon of unintended acceleration’ caused her to suddenly swerve, narrowly avoiding other vehicles including a bus before mounting the pavement.

Judge Paul Dugdale said: ‘This is not the sort of dangerous driving where you deliberately made the decision to drive badly. It’s a piece of driving where you made a serious mistake which had tragic consequences.

‘Nobody will come out of this case as a winner. I have read the tragic victim statement and whatever I pass today will not bring back someone’s aunt.

‘Whatever sentence I pass will be a harsh one for a 68-year-old’s five children and 10 grandchildren.’

He added: ‘It was driving that created a significant risk of danger, not withstanding anything deliberate. But we must take into account there was more than one victim and it went on for a prolonged six seconds.’

Sall was disqualified from driving for six years after serving her time in the prison.