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Police Dig Into The Details Of One Of the Weird Stunt You Will Ever Come Across

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Though cannibalism has been there since ages, the emergence of ‘civilisation’ has put some thought into and at least humans stayed away from it, barring extreme cases.

However, an event in Latvia came up with a stunt that shook everybody. The event featured two people who had slice off their backs before it was fried and fed back to them in gross.

The performance set by artist Artūrs Bērziņš, was so disturbing to viewers that many of them lodged complaints against it after it was posted on Facebook Live.

The performance was staged at a museum in the Latvian capital city of Riga on 6 March. A man wearing a white forensic coat cuts flesh out of the two participants’ back, without anaesthetic at all.

Though, it is not clear whether the flesh was real or not, the performance was creepy enough to make people cringe.

After receiving complaints, the authorities are looking into the matter to find out more about the performance.

According to the organizers, the show was intended to show how terrifying it would be if the global food sources ran out.