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17 Times Husbands Got It Totally Wrong And It Is Too Hilarious

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I am sure husbands just cannot be right when it comes to their wives. While the smart ones just accept the fact and stay at peace, few of them get into the trap and regret it later. However, here you will be seeing a few hilarious errors by husband that will probably make their better half feel good as they are kind of cute.

Check these out:

Trusting her husband with food in first place was a wrong choice.

The husband is actually right here logically, don’t you think so?

Well, hope the honeymoon was not as bad as this.

When it comes to drinks you can only expect the best from a man.

That’s actually cute.

That’s not bad at all.

Good luck with that one.

May god help this unfortunate husband.

I guess his funny note will come back to haunt him.