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30 Times Drinking Didn’t End Well

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Whatever you do in life, make sure you do it in moderation.

Some people just don’t know when to stop. From mistaking bars of soap for fudge and driving cars into pools, to making random purchases online and waking up with a toaster full of pasta, the people below might not have remembered the crazy stuff they got up to.

Take a look:

#1. Good Ride Home

#2. Note For Drunk Self

#3. So My Roommate Came Back Drunk Last Night And Doesn’t Remember Designing An Entire Airplane

#4. Coming Back Home To Find Your Drunk Friend

#5. Got A Bit Drunk And Decided To Recreate The Stingray Pic With My Girlfriends

#6. After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone

#7. Good Luck With That

#8. Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Mistook A Chocolate Bar For Your Phone?

#9. Gf Got Drunk And Adopted A Cat… She’s Fitting In

#10. Best Taxi Driver Award Goes To This Man

#11. Last Night I Was So Drunk I Replied To My Own Text

#12. Drunk Me Made A Drum Kit Out Of Cocktail Stirrers Last Night

#13. Drunk. Got The Dominos Guy To Buy Me Mcdonalds In The Special Instructions Section

#14. Drunk Mother

#15. “Drunk Me Is Such A Douche”

#16. Came Back Home Really Drunk Last Night, This Morning I Went To Make Breakfast And Then This Happened

#17. Drunk Purchase

#18. Drunk Friends Did This

#19. My Mom And Her Best Friend Got Drunk And Gave My Cat A Bath

#20. Got Drunk And Adopted A Cat. I Guess This Is My Life Now. Meet Spaghetti

#21. Accidentally Bought My Toad 100 Top Hats Instead Of One While I Was Drunk Online Shopping

#22. You Know You’re Drunk When

#23. Not Pictured: My Drunk Wife Loudly Singing The Jurassic Park Theme

#24. Drunk Amazon Purchase

#25. Random Drunk Guy Urinated On My Porch And Tried Entering The House At 4am A Couple Weeks Ago… Got This In The Mail Today

#26. Bagel Seeds

#27. I Just Painted My Favourite Meme, I’m Drunk And Haven’t Painted Since I Was 12

#28. My Friends Got Drunk, 3d Scanned And Printed

#29. My Friends And I Got Drunk One Night In A Small Country Town. Woke Up The Next Morning With This Picture On My Phone

#30. Had A House Party Last Night, Still Can’t Find The Key To My Mums Shoe

Photo: boredpanda