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Non-Profit Organisation Pull A Stray Pit Bull Out Of Trouble

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Hope for Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, were alerted about a stray pit bull in someone’s home. The dog had just given birth to puppies. The staff did not waste a single minute and swung into action. After locating the pit bull on the property, they worked to fence off potential exit points. Attempts to get close to her failed.

After a while, she was seen in a fenced corner. One of the staff member managed to put a leash around her neck.

While the dog was taken care of, another member made sure the new born puppies were safe as well. A total of five little pups were born, but one died before rescuers arrived on the scene.

The puppies and the dog were rushed to the care center. The animals were given names at the Vet – the pit bull was named Lexus, and her four pups were named Beamer, Prius, Mercedes, and Cooper.

Lexus, although looking nice and clean now, was not happy. She approached one of her rescuers and started to whine. Lexus was not feeling well, so the vet took an x-ray. The x-ray revealed that Lexus had a round, metal object in her stomach. The size and shape matched that of a bottle cap. No wonder she was not feeling well.

Since Lexus was still nursing, the vet dismissed surgery and though the best method would be to induce vomiting. After a huge spew up by Lexus, the bottle cap came out & she was feeling much better.

The pit bull must be appreciated for having the presence of mind to find a safe place to give birth until help arrived.