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Over 100000 College Students Gather At Rockstar Beach To Have Their Party Of Life

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More than 100000 college students showed up at the Rockstar beach in tiny resort city of South Padre Island, Texas for a week long of drug and booze-filled party and celebration for Spring Break.

It had all girls bearing it all, plenty of booze, altercations, wild fun and what not. Girls were seen bending over in sexy bikinis for group of boys as they were all pretty high thanks to marijuana and other drugs.

During March, the sleepy Texan island community of just under 3,000 people is transformed as an estimated 100,000 college kids descend on its bars and beaches.

The result is a $30.5m payday, with bars and clubs raking in $2.8m in mixed beverage sales alone and the city enjoying a $1.44m windfall from a levy on hotel beds.

The party was so wild that the authorities had to bring in extra police officers to the scene. Much of the revelry takes place on Rockstar Beach close to the Isla Grande hotel, where there are daily performances between 12pm and 6pm from artists such as Atlanta-based hip hop trio Migos.

People gulping in drinks was obviously a common sight but what followed was the thing to look out for as most of them were uncontrollable.

Otherwise a normal sleepy beach town transforms itself into the most happening place for youngsters during this party.

A student said that her parents begged her to be careful before coming to South Padre. She said that it was ‘just beautiful’ and wants to party all week.

People were stretchered off by the first responders from the South Padre Island Fire Department. The authorities had to set up a mobile 36-bed hospital as there was no hospitals on the island.

‘We’re treating it as a planned disaster,’ John Phillips, the medic in charge of coordinating the 36-bed treatment center, told. The Texas Emergency Medical Task Force is a rapid response unit that usually deals with ‘large scale incidents’ and natural disasters.

Local bar owners have welcomed the college students saying: ‘They want to put their feet in the sand, they want to drink beer, they want to meet friends, girls, and party and do what Spring Breakers do’.

Unlike other Spring Break destinations, students here are encouraged to party hard. But with tickets costing up to $50 a pop, the biggest crowds are to be found outside Clayton’s Beach Bar further up the sand, which throws free beach bashes for up to 10,000 revelers each day.

On stage, girls taking part in a wet t-shirt contest could be seen gyrating for the boys to the sound of loud hip hop, with one even pulling down her bikini bottoms and putting on an X-rated performance after some of the crowd began shouting ‘we want to see her p***y!’

Surveying the scene on Wednesday was owner Clayton Brashear, 57, who says the bar usually caters to a family-friendly crowd, although that evaporates during March.

‘Spring Break is an animal within itself,’ he told. ‘We’ve got young kids between the ages of 18 and 22, and they’re coming to blow off steam.

To keep the punters coming in, he puts on nightly concerts – with this week’s headliners including Atlanta hip hop star Future and Miami-based rapper Gucci Mane.

But college kids ‘doing what they do’ also means a spike in drunken antics and a headache for police and other emergency services.

A student from Sam Houston University said that she had come for the free beach parties and saw some eye-opening and shocking scenes, including ‘a girl snorting coke while getting f***ed’ in full public view.

Any inconvenience party-goers cause is well worth the trouble because the students who tear up the beach at 21 turn into responsible adults who will bring their families back later on, one local bar owner said

The annual event, which is said to draw in about 100,000 students to the island, also brings in a 30.5m payday, with bars and clubs raking in $2.8m in mixed beverage sales alone and the city enjoying a $1.44m windfall from a levy on hotel beds.

When you have so many uncontrollable young freaks there will obviously be a lot of incidents too, This year, there has already been one stabbing – albeit committed by a 34-year-old local resident – and an incident last weekend in which a sand sculpture next to the tourist office was vandalized.

As well as causing $24,000-worth of damage to the artwork, police said a South Padre Island flag was stolen by one of the four college-age suspects who shinned up a nearby flagpole to swipe it.

In simple, the march festivities take the crime rate to double when compared to the rest of the year. Most are for public intoxication, brawling and drunk and disorderly behavior, with the occasional purse snatching accounting for majority of the incidents during the rest of the year.

The authorities had to call in the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force – a rapid response unit that usually deals with ‘large scale incidents’ and natural disasters.

At the EMTF mobile hospital set up next to Clayton’s, two doctors, eight nurses and six EMTs are on duty at all times and can treat up to 15 patients in one go.