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10 Funny Posts About Husbands Who Catch A Cold And Act Like They’re Dying

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Flu is terrible, but we all know a fact that a man’s flu is much, much worse.

The condition has been mocked by women and medical professionals everywhere, but that doesn’t stop it from being any less life-threatening. Our partners often think that we’re amplifying our symptoms, but no matter how sad, frail, and totally wretched we might seem, just remember that you’re only witnessing a fraction of the pain and suffering that we’re actually experiencing.

Think childbirth times ten. Or maybe a hundred. As you can see from this list of posts gathered by Bored Panda however, most partners have completely no sympathy for our struggle.

Some of them even find it funny. So go ahead and laugh. We don’t need your pity! OK, maybe just a little…

Take a look:











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