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39 YO Stunning Mother Of Two Reveals Her Fitness Secret

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Belinda Norton, 39, mother of two and a former athlete has revealed the secret that helps her to burn more calories and boost her immunity. The Gold Coast PE teacher, who competed in triathlons and mountain biking events takes regular lymphatic massage.

The massage helps her in improving her immunity, energy levels and burning calories. ‘Feeling sluggish? Tired? Can’t seem to shed that extra bit of fluid? Body function lazy? Needing a confidence boost? Lymphatic massage will help you!’ she wrote in a blog post.

The massage usually goes on for an hour and she claims it’s ‘highly therapeutic’ and helps to reshape the body.

‘The gentle massage of fluid towards the lymphatic glands deeply flush the system,’ she said. ‘Improvements are evident in the circulatory, respiratory and endocrine system.

‘It is proven that lymphatic drainage will reduce the possibility of catching a cold or suffering a virus as well as losing weight and burning calories more effectively.’

The massage also helps in improving the health and the flow of lymphatic system. ‘It is performed by a qualified therapist. It focuses on rubbing fluid towards lymph nodes in the body,’ Belinda said.

She has also completed a degree in Health and Physical Education, said that the best time to have the massage done is when your lymph nodes are blocked. This is because this when the body isn’t capable of removing toxins, which the massage helps to rectify.

‘Not only does this massage improve the lymphatic system it improved the whole-body function,’ Belinda shared.

‘Finding a genuine lymphatic masseuse is a struggle with many doing absurd techniques that have no purpose.’

She informed people that they should be asking the masseuse whether they use a Brazilian technique as it has better flushing abilities.

‘Hence why those Brazilian beauties have those luscious limbs and stunning bodies – I knew there was a secret!’, she concluded.