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Reddit User Asked The Internet If Drivers Over 70 Should Require Special Testing, And The Responses Are Quite Surprising

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A Reddit user asked online if drivers over the age of 70 should require ‘specialized’ testing to keep their licenses. Her question led to debate on elderly drivers and even the seniors themselves have chimed in, and the responses are quite surprising.

The Reddit didn’t clarify what actually see meant by ‘specialized driving tests,’ their proposed law is already a partial reality in some States. In Texas, for example, drivers over 85 must renew their licenses every 2 years rather than the standard 6, and must pass a vision test each time. It’s a requirement known as Katie’s Law, introduced in 2007 after a 90-year-old driver missed a stoplight and killed 17-year-old Katie Bolka in Dallas. Most States, however, have no special provisions for pensioners behind the wheel.

Check out the Internet’s reactions, opinions, and personal accounts below: