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10 Amazing Things That Happen To A Female Body While Making Love

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Intercourse is a wonderful biological phenomenon. It’s a great feeling mentally and physically and has many benefits to it. Body craves for sensuality and makes many changed during this process.

Wanna know the amazing things that happen to a female body while making love? Keep scrolling to know more about it.

  1. Boobs get bigger

While making love, a female body goes through several changes. The boobs expand by almost 20 to 25 percent. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Changes in your private part

When you are in the mood, your body instantly becomes stimulated. The blood begins to pump to your [email protected] and clitoris, making them larger and more sensitive. And when there is a contact in that area, it feels good.

  1. Erection

Just like guys, a female body also experiences erection but it’s the nipples. It is due to the areola which swells up and pushes the nipples out. And it’s not just nipples, but the clitoris can have an erection as well.

  1. [email protected] starts self-lubricating

When you are turned on, the [email protected] begins to produce its own lubrication. And during 0rgasm, some women think they peed a little bit, but they are actually experiencing female ejaculation.

  1. Changes in other parts of body

The heart starts beating faster causing a rise in heart rate and blood pressure. You might feel a bit warm around the cheeks, neck, and chest. Your muscles slowly begin to tense as a buildup to an eventual 0rgasm.

 6. The stage where you don’t want to stop 

Everything that you had been feeling earlier tends to get more intense at this stage. You just don’t want to stop and wanna go with the flow.

  1. Activity in brain

The pleasure centers of the brain increase and there is a hike in the feel-good hormones. The more aroused a female body gets, the more parts of the brain associated with anxiety shut down.

  1. The role of hormones 

Adrenaline and dopamine hormones get released when you are making love and these hormones make sure you have enough energy for all the on-going action.

  1. When you are about to reach climax

The muscles will begin to spasm when you are nearing orgasm. And at this point, the [email protected] will become generously lubricated for ‘action’ to be carried on without a hitch. Breathing, blood pressure, muscle tension, and pulse rate are at their absolute peak at this stage.

  1. 0rgasm, the mother of all amazing things

The climax or orgasm usually last between 10-25 seconds for both men and women. In this phase, there is a sudden release of the tension that had been building up in the female body during. It is followed by involuntary muscles’ contraction and an incredible sense of pleasure. After few seconds, [email protected] gets back to its normal state, the breasts return to their normal shape. Also, the heart and breathing rates will go back to normal rate.

These points above prove that a female body does experience the amazing things while making love. Share it with your partner so that they understand as well!