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15 Most Embarrassing Pictures Of Selena Gomez

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The singer and actor Selena Gomez is loved by everyone. Her journey started from being a Disney princess to a singing sensation has been witnessed by all. She is here to rule the world with her talents. She is a beautiful singer, gorgeous, and hot. It’s tough to be always favorite of the paparazzi but Selena has managed to be one. Her every pictures goes trending. Now, there are some embarrassing pictures of Selena which even she wouldn’t want you to see.

Here are embarrassing pictures of Selena Gomez that she would never want anyone to see!

1. Well, Selena Gomez should be a little more careful while performing. 

2. That’s one horrible and one of the most embarrassing pictures of Selena. She looks like a lunatic.

3. Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, what were these two up to? Nevermind, I still love both of them.

4. She is hiding her face so, definitely not the picture she wants to be a part of.

5. I know this a bad picture but look at the way she is performing. How passionate she is about it.

6. For sure one of the embarrassing pictures, Selena doesn’t want you to see.

7. Every picture of her with this guy is downright embarrassing.

8. Okay, I am confused between $exy or embarrassing. Selena Gomez indeed is one of the hottest divas ever.

9. That’s the kind of candid image you wouldn’t want anyone to see.

10. Um! Selena, are you okay with this one?

11. I repeat every image of her with this guy is totally something to be embarrassed about.

12. Not exactly bad. I mean Selena and Gigi together is enough.

13. The whole relationship of Selena and Justin was actually embarrassing. 

14. That time when you are tired of fashion so decide to wear anything.

15. Exactly, No. 

Photo: noonecares