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Russian Teenager Who Was Afraid Of Eating Has Now Recovered After Discovering A Gym That Changed Her Life

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This incredible young woman famished herself after developing an extreme fear of gaining weight. She was a victim of anorexia, a condition where one’s self-esteem and self-image become inaccurate. But she bravely climbed out of the void, and now believes she can help others suffering from the same difficulty.


This teenage girl struggled with her weight and developed anorexia. Three years ago, she weighed about 5 stones (approx. 32 kg). Vera Schulz, 18, from Stavropol in southwest Russia, has astonishingly recovered and is now flourishing as a fitness instructor.


She would frequently faint as her energy levels were low, and found that school work was very demanding. Her flat was on the fifth floor, and since the apartment block had no lift, it would take her an hour to climb the stairs.

Her family was ignorant of just how underweight she had become, and didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. She had a fear of eating solid foods and was headed down a very dangerous road.

It was when she discovered the gym that her life turned around. She began to respect and love her body and quickly realized that changing her eating habits would play an important role in recovering.

Initially, it was just raw fruit and vegetables, but then Schulz started adding protein to allow her body to build muscle and repair the damage anorexia had caused.

Her weight is now just under a much healthier 9 stones 7 pounds (approx. 60 kg), and she has become a successful personal trainer who helps others attain their fitness goals.

Vera posted, “I have been able to achieve much more in these few years than I had for all my life,” reported MailOnline.

Transformation: At first Vera ate nothing but raw vegetables and fruit, but Ms Schulz gradually began introducing different food groups to her diet and gaining muscle
In one recent post, Vera wrote: ‘I have been able to achieve much more in these few years than I had for all my life’

Vera is capable of supporting her clients from a psychological point of view, as unlike many others, she knows what it feels like to struggle

The teen has wowed her 22,000 Instagram followers with a series of before and after photos showing the dramatic change to her figure.

It is not easy to overcome an eating disorder on your own, and Schulz has plenty of encouragement from well-wishers on social media, with more than 25,000 Instagram followers impressed by her transformation.