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Unbelievable And Shocking Lifestyle Of North Korea’s First Lady

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When it comes to North Korea, the only thing that strikes people’s mind is its ruthless dictator Kim Jong Un and his incredibly lavish lifestyle. Now, you might be thinking the same about his better half and loving life, but what you are going to know now would make you feel so good about yourself.

The restrictions his wife Ri Sol- Ju has is just unbelievable. Here are some of the strict rules that the lady from China who married the dictator has to follow.

Well, this rule applies to everybody in the country

No matter who you are, you just cannot marry on February 16 and April 15 – the birthdays of the former leaders. On this day, people has to offer their prayers with traditional outfits along with the flowers at their statues.

The wife is supposed to interpret a specific perception of her husband

Ri Sol – Ju should represent the progressive and modern side of her husband. Therefore, she has to be in the modern outfits. While Kim’s sister will represent his traditional side.

She has to get rid of her birth name

While women normally add their husband’s name to their name, Kim’s wife is supposed to adopt a new name altogether by shedding her birth name.

She can’t meet her family

She is just not allowed to meet her family back home after getting married to the dictator.

Kim’s wife is not allowed to make regular appearances

She is restricted from making regular appearances and can make only special appearances whenever needed.

Intense security

Since there is always a threat on the family, her movement is extremely restricted and every movie is carefully watched by the security.