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12 Former Beauty Queens Whose Lives Turned Worst

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There is something about beauty queens that compel us to turn around and look at them again. It is not just because of their beautiful faces but the overall personalities that draw us towards them or wish we had a personal connection with them.

Especially, for a man, dating a beauty queen is what dreams are made of! However, being so beautiful comes with its own set of dangers.

With some beauty pageant winners, who started off in a world of glitz and glamor, things slowly spiraled out of control, and before we knew, tragedy struck. Being crowned as the most beautiful woman in the world does not guarantee safety from unforeseen mishaps.

Here are 12 former beauty queens who met with tragic ends.

#12 Kristina Long

Kristina Long was crowned Miss Bolton in 2010. She was jailed four years later after a terrible drunk-driving accident. She hit a pedestrian so hard that she sent him flying 75 feet. She left her victim with spine and leg fractures and a bleeding brain. It is alleged that she drove off from the scene, without so much as a call to 9-1-1.

#11 Meth-addict

In the year 2009 and at the early age of 18, Jamie-Lynn France was voted Miss Teen Oregon-World, a title which geographically makes no sense. She was arrested five years for possession of narcotics such as meth and heroin. From being a former beauty queen to having a face that was eaten alive by amphetamines is quite a drastic change in the wrong direction.

#10 Accessory to murder

Former Ms. Washington, Peggy Sue Thomas conspired with her lover to lure a man into a fatal ambush. Her lover was the one who pulled the trigger and in turn, received an 80-year long prison sentence. Peggy pleaded guilty but received only four years.

#9 Multiple felonies for drugs

Katherine Rees was stripped of her title of Miss Nevada, USA, after a lot of controversial pictures of her appeared online. Since then, she has been repeatedly arrested and charged with possessing a host of various illegal substances.

#8 Drunken airplane tantrum

Fifty-year-old former Miss Venezuela, Carmen Lechin, was arrested in the year 2013 after an allegedly drunken airplane tantrum. It is said that the situation broke out after a flight attendant reportedly denied giving her a pillow. Her outburst got so out of hand that the pilot was forced to turn the plane around. In return, she faced felony charges for interfering with a flight crew.

#7 Accused of raping a man

The Great Britain’s Sexual Offences Act, 1956, declared it impossible for a woman to rape a man and hence Former Miss Wyoming World, Joy McKinney was never charged with rape. However, she did rape Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson in an incident in which she allegedly kidnapped him, chained him to a bed, and sexually assaulted him. She ended up skipping bail and fleeing to America. The case grew popular and came to be known as the ‘Mormon Sex in Chains Case’.

#6 Died from butt-implants

Former Miss Argentina (1994), Solange Magnano, became increasingly obsessed with her fading looks. She decided to go to extreme lengths to look young and beautiful. In 2009, at the age of 38, she decided to get butt implants. It ended up being a fatal ass-enhancement procedure as a part of the liquid that was injected into her derriere made its way into her brain and lungs, killing her.

#5 Murdered during a street protest

Genesis Carmona represented her Venezuelan state as Miss Tourism in the year 2013. The next year she was actively taking part in the country’s anti-government street riots when she got shot. The street riots led to at least six people being killed and she was one of them. Her witnesses claim that she was killed by members of a pro-government group who had come to attack the protestors, though, the government tried claiming that she had been murdered by a fellow protestor.

#4 Died of possible cocaine overdose

A former Miss America Junior who was on her way to becoming a dermatologist was found dead. Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny died at the early age of 38 after her topless corpse was found dead in an NYC apartment. There were bruises around her neck, but they were not severe enough to have caused death. The toxicology reports were inconclusive as well. However, a male associate claimed to have snorted cocaine with Cerveny on the same morning that she died.

#3 Twenty years in prison for fraud

Susan Shaw was Miss Hawaii Internation in the year 1992. In the year 2011, she received a 20-year long prison sentence for multiple cases of identity theft. The whole ordeal cost her victims about $200,000. Her prosecutor described Susan as, “a manipulative, cunning identity thief who had no regard for the harm that she was going to cause to the victims.”

#2 Stabbed to death and dumped behind an animal shelter

After being crowned Miss Hollywood, Jill Ann Weatherwax’s life went on a total downward spiral. She was found dead behind an animal shelter in Fresno, CA after several arrests for drug possession and public drunkenness. She was allegedly living as a prostitute and was seen leaving a motel with three men on the night of her murder.

#1 Killed in a robbery

Monica Spear was voted as the ‘fifth most beautiful woman in the universe’ at the 2005 Miss Universe contest. She was also Miss Venezuela in the year 2004. In January 2014 she, her husband and her five-year-old daughter were waiting roadside to have their car repaired when they were ambushed by a group of robbers. They shot both her and her husband to death whereas her daughter suffered a leg wound.