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13 Images That Show Striking Differences Between Single And Married Life

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Society has various opinions about staying single and getting married. Well, what matters is the person going through that phase, of a single and married life. How does he find the differences of being single and getting married?

We all comprehend the freedom that exists in a single life, but when we are married, life takes a U-turn. Henceforth, we need to look at both sides of the coin. One should know the changes before making a wise decision, to remain single or chose the married life.

Take a look:

#1. When single you saw four digits, now when doubled, your digits become single.

#2. A very vital sign, hair differences!

#3. Earlier when you missed, it was appreciated and now if you miss, you are depreciated.

#4. Differences in both the stages of life before it was Enjoy and now live in Joy.

#5. Earlier it was shop till you drop, now it is thumbs drop before you shop.

#6. Grooming before was necessary, now it’s unnecessary!

#7. Before it was just counting the cash, now have to count the bills.

#8. The belly differences!

#9. When single you’re a stuntman later you become a drowning man!

#10. Earlier ride away, now ride along!

#11. Fapping sessions differences!

#12. From a hot shot to a hot pot!

#13. First, the King ruled, now the Queen reigns!

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